Stand 23.10.1997
Größe 17K
*** DBF2HTML v1.00 by Simone Govoni *** Makes an HTML table from a DBF file. DBF2HTML reads a DBF file and creates a file which contains an HTML table with the records of the DBF file, ready for web-publishing. DBF2HTML can exclude from the HTML file the records marked as deleted. The HTML file can include all of the DBF's fields or only a subset specified on the command line. Copyrighted freeware.
Stand 25.01.1997
Größe 232K
Lynx for Dos. Textmode HTML-Viewer. May be used standalone (w/o TCP/IP)
Stand 09.04.1998
Größe 19K
* Dox can convert to/from rtf/text/html. i.e. It is BIDIRECTIONAL. * Freeware - it's free!
Stand 15.08.1998
Größe 20K
Stand 13.01.1998
Größe 180K
InterDOS HTML-Textbrowser 1.3 fuer DOS
Stand 22.12.1996
Größe 73K
The file viewer for DOS. Read, convert and print Wordperfect, Word, Word for Windows, Ami Pro, Wordstar, Write, Notepad, HTML, XYWRITE, MS Publisher, ASCII and ANSI files. Full text search. Several print functions. Use in DOS or e-mail shell. NOT CRIPPLED. Customizable. Special mode for visually-impaired users.

letzte Änderung 24.10.2004